Shadow Festival News 2010

For 2010 the Shadow Festival will continue to examine and develop the ways in which our public can be treated to innovative documentaries. Distribution via internet, screenings at the homes of filmmakers and at museums are some of the paths we will follow.

The implementing of screenings and lectures at schools of cinema and academies of fine arts remains an essential activity throughout the year. We cherish, as ever, the opportunities we have to work with various international podiums and we hope to expand these activities.

In 2009 our loyal public was surprised that we didn’t organize a festival for the first time since 1999. We felt that it was time to take a serious look at the documentary culture and consider renewing the way documentaries can be presented. The success in 2008 of our ‘Cinema d’Amis’ suggested to us that a festival should always look for ways to strengthen the link between filmmaker and viewer. This resulted in our first museum screening: Sergei Dvortsevoi’s Bread day at the brand new Hermitage in Amsterdam.

Furthermore, we were very happy that our opening film in 2008, Demolition by J.P. Sniadecki, was awarded at the 2009 Festival du Réel in Paris as well as being nominated for a Gold Panda at the Sichuan TV Festival 2009 in China.

Michael Noer (Denmark) won our Kodak Shadow Award in 2004 for his striking Underneath the Skin; ‘R.’ by Michael Noer & Tobias Lindholm will be premiered at the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2010.